A New Block Wall Retaining Design For Your Redmond Home

A New Block Wall Retaining Design For Your Redmond Home

A New Block Wall Retaining Design For Your Redmond Home

If you have been stressed about planning your exterior project, remember that Easy Green Landscaping is much more than a traditional landscaping company. When you want to enhance your outdoor living space, repair issues with the current layout, or remedy a situation with drainage, we are the team to call for your exterior contractor work. For example, we would love to discuss your need for block-style retaining wall installation in Redmond!

Why Hire Pros?

Homeowners in the area need to have the right materials to get the results they are looking for with a block wall installation. Due to the heat of the summer, cold in the winter, and general wear and tear, choosing the wrong materials means that your block wall cannot stand up to the test of time. Many residential and commercial customers look to us at Easy Green Landscaping for block walls and retaining wall installation services.

Durability and Aesthetics are Key

It would help if you had an investment in your exterior you could count on. Because of this, many choose cement for their block wall/retaining wall installation as this material can last for a long time if installed correctly and maintained properly. Cement blocks are crafted with a mix of aggregate and cement – with the aggregate often being a mixture of quartz or crushed stone. When combined with a suitable aggregate, the results are beautiful and durable.

We understand your property’s curb appeal is essential, so we are happy to discuss your design ideas, budget, and goals to help you create the perfect block wall installation. We can look into different cement dies and finishings to give you the result you are looking for.

Easy Green Landscaping goes beyond lawn and landscape installations. Call us at (425) 272-9401 for block walls for retaining wall installation in Redmond.