Aeration, Weed & Overseed Lawn Service in Lake Stevens

Is your lawn plagued by weeds, or just not as thick and green as it used to be? Are you noticing bare patches in your grass that weren’t there before? When your lawn needs aeration, weed, and overseed lawn service in Lake Stevens, Easy Green Landscaping stands ready to assist you. Our professionals have the tools and knowledge to improve your lawn’s turf density and keep weeds out for the long-term.

Aeration, weeding, and overseeding, especially when done together, can work wonders for revitalizing a lawn plagued by weeds and weakened roots. Aeration mechanically loosens compacted soil cores that improve airflow and nutrient absorption that allows for healthier plant growth. Weeding removes pesky, unwanted growth and the overseeding process introduces new grasses that, when planted in an aerated lawn, means thicker growth that can crowd out weeds and prevent them from coming back.

Consultation with our team means we can come directly to your home to discuss your needs and examine your outdoor space. From there, we can formulate a plan for tackling weeds, soil compaction, and other factors affecting the growth and nutrient absorption of your grasses. If you have any questions about aeration or overseeding or want professional advice about upkeep after service has been completed, we can help with that too.

Get ready to bring new life to your lawn by using an aeration, weed, and overseed lawn service in Lake Stevens that genuinely cares. Call the pros at Easy Green Landscaping today at (425) 272-9401 for more information about our service or to schedule a consultation.