Aeration, Weed & Overseed Lawn Service in Mountlake Terrace

Has your lawn experienced an increase in weed growth or developed bare patches that won’t grow new grass? When your outdoor space requires aeration, weed, and overseed lawn service in Mountlake Terrace, Easy Green Landscaping is here to save the day. Our professionals strive to bring you the best in service at a competitive price that keeps your lawn healthy for years to come.

Aeration, weeding, and overseeding are processes that are crucial to maintaining the health of any lawn, especially when grass growth is showing some decline. Aeration is used to break up compacted soil to encourage better root growth and introduce good air movement that fosters growth. For bare spots, overseeding is essential because the overcrowding from new grass helps keep weeds out, while the introduction of fresh plant-life aids in building immunity against insects and other maladies that can affect the turf density and aesthetics of your space.

During the consultation process, our team can come to you directly to assess your needs and take a close look at your lawn. From there, we can devise a plan for revitalization and guide you through it, step by step. If you have questions about the process or want professional advice on upkeep, we are more than happy to help. We can also provide you with a detailed cost estimate, so you know exactly where every cent goes if you choose us for your aeration, weeding, and overseeding.

If you’re ready to choose aeration, weed, and overseed lawn service in Mountlake Terrace that cares about meeting your needs, the pros at Easy Green Landscaping are prepared to assist you. For more information or to schedule a consultation, give us a call today at (425) 272-9401.