Are You Curious About Tree Lighting Installation For Your Kenmore Property?

Are You Curious About Tree Lighting Installation For Your Kenmore Property?

Are You Curious About Tree Lighting Installation For Your Kenmore Property?

Something that becomes an integral piece of the puzzle for any property is exterior lighting. The right light helps create a striking, illuminated atmosphere around your home and brings about a much-needed level of safety and security. Instead of trying to find the right lighting options for your home or business, you can count on the help of trained professionals to provide you with tree lighting near Kenmore for a sound investment.

There are some basic kinds of outdoor lighting that you can look at to help you determine what suits your needs best. Our friendly team of lighting technicians will be happy to discuss your vision before going over some of the different lighting options we offer, which includes:

Decorative Tree Lighting

As a homeowner, you have a unique opportunity to showcase your style and personality with the help of decorative outdoor lighting for your trees and shrubbery. This means options like outdoor pendant lights, permanent string lighting, and perfectly placed lights throughout tree branches – also near pergolas or trellises.

Security Lighting

Some areas of your property will need more safety and security. You can look to recessed lighting, floodlighting, landscape lighting, and solar lighting to illuminate areas like your deck, stairways, garage, walking paths, and portions of your backyard. Making sure that all of the right spaces are well-lit will add curb appeal and give you peace of mind that you have an added deterrent for would-be intruders.

Integrating Tree and Wall Lighting

Modern outdoor wall lighting is trendy today, and you will often find it along fences on a walkway, the exterior of a garage, and more. Your lighting expert will go over all of the fixture styles, as well as the finishes that stand up best to all of the elements throughout the year. We can also develop a beautiful design that integrates lighting for an accent wall, fence, and tree line.

Landscape Lighting

The lighting for your landscape is a very technical form of lighting because it takes a lot of planning and integration with the vegetation and design of your landscape. You have a wide variety of options to choose from, including path lighting, well lights, or recessed ground lights, as well as step and deck lights.

Never trust your landscape lighting design and tree lighting near Kenmore to anyone but the best. Call Easy Green Landscaping today at (425) 272-9401 for an appointment.