Asphalt & Concrete Drive Installation Contractor Near Mukilteo

When you need an asphalt & concrete drive installation contractor near Mukilteo, reach out to Easy Green Landscaping. Our team has been in business for years, helping clients get the look and feel they want when they arrive at home. Whether you need an updated driveway or want to pave it for the first time, we’re here to help.

Learn the benefits and disadvantages of the materials below, and then give us a call for more questions.

Advantages Of Asphalt

Many homeowners choose asphalt because it more closely matches the look of the road outside of their home. It takes less time to cure than concrete and is less expensive at the initial installation.

Disadvantages of Asphalt

One major disadvantage to this driveway material is its short lifespan compared to concrete. This driveway will also require regular maintenance to last as long as possible.

Advantages of Concrete

This material is highly durable and a low-maintenance option for those who don’t mind if the driveway matches the road. It is a great product for heavy traffic areas as it can stand up to the traffic. It can also be designed in a variety of ways depending on the look you prefer.

Disadvantages Of Concrete

This product will cost significantly more to install upfront than asphalt will. It is much harder to repair concrete when something is amiss with it.

Your technician will create a unique design to welcome you and your guests home every time. You’ll receive an estimate to review and be able to ask all of your questions right away.

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