Asphalt & Concrete Drive Installation Contractor Near Seattle

Installing a new driveway is great to upgrade the look of your home. Increasing curb appeal and value is easy when you have the right asphalt & concrete drive installation contractor near Seattle. The company you’re looking for is Easy Green Landscaping.

Our team has been in business for years, helping homeowners get the driveway they want at affordable rates. Each type of driveway has its own benefits. Working with a contractor from our team helps you learn those benefits and discover what is best for your home.

Differences In Asphalt Versus Concrete

Both types of driveways are a beautiful way to update the look of your home or add easier access. While asphalt costs less than concrete, it involves more maintenance over time than the concrete drive will. Asphalt tends to last around 30 years when properly maintained versus concrete that could last up to 50 years or more. Although it needs more maintenance, asphalt is easier to repair over the years than concrete is.

Our Team Can Help!

There are many benefits and downsides to both types of driveways. The best option is to work with an experienced contractor such as the ones here. The team will arrive at your home, discuss your goals, and provide you with an estimate of the best installation to go with.

Once you approve the material type, estimate, and style, we get to work. Because we have the equipment at hand, there are no extended wait times between the estimate and getting started.

Trust the number one asphalt & concrete drive installation contractor near Seattle today with your new installation needs. Reach out to the team by calling (425) 272-9401 to set up a consultation.