Tree Lighting In Lake Forest Park Is Our Specialty!

Tree Lighting In Lake Forest Park Is Our Specialty!

Having beautiful lighting around your home is not only something that improves aesthetics and curb appeal, but it also helps to increase safety and security. If you have issues with any of the tree lightings around your landscaping, it is a good idea to have it looked at by trained technicians. Easy Green Landscaping is available to install and repair tree lighting in Lake Forest Park and the surrounding areas.

Several issues may cause your lighting throughout the trees and around the base of the trees on your property to fail. You may have issues with the:

  • Fixtures
  • Connections
  • Transformer

No matter what the problem might be, our team at Easy Green Landscaping is happy to come out to your property to take a look and do a bit of troubleshooting. We have skilled technicians who understand exterior lighting’s inner workings, and we can get to work quickly to get you the repair that you need.

Even if we did not install your tree lighting initially, we can come out to your property and talk about the best way to repair it for you. Should a replacement be required, we will be happy to put together a detailed cost estimate for the job.

As exterior lighting and landscaping professionals, we are trained to tackle any job necessary to help you keep your property looking incredible at all times. All of our work is guaranteed, and you can trust us to be on time and get the job done promptly.

Calling the experts for tree lighting in Lake Forest Park will get you quality results fast. Call Easy Green Landscaping at (425) 272-9401 for details!

Our Landscapers Near Kenmore Can Help With Storm Damage Cleanup And More!

Our Landscapers Near Kenmore Can Help With Storm Damage Cleanup And More!

If there is something that you can never predict, it is the weather. Whenever there are high winds and rain, it can bring a hefty amount of storm damage. If your exterior has damage to your pavers, gardens, retaining walls, gutter downspouts, and more, then you can count on us at Easy Green Landscaping to get everything back in shape. We have skilled landscapers near Kenmore ready to ensure your exterior is back to normal sooner than later.

Landscape and Hardscape Damage

Not only will professional landscaping help after storm damage to get everything fixed the right way, but you are also going to free up some of your own time. Not every homeowner has the ability to repair a retaining wall or replace broken pavers along your walkway after a limb falls, wreaking havoc. All you have to do is give us a call, and we will be happy to come out and take a look.

Lighting Repair

Do you have outdoor lighting that was damaged due to bad weather? You need to be sure that your walkway lighting, path lights, and other exterior lights are up and running as they should be. With a simple phone call, we can deploy a technician to start troubleshooting to pinpoint the problem. We can then make sure that your landscaping lighting is repaired promptly so that you can get your exterior back to pristine condition.

You must have a landscaping team that you can count on for landscaping installations, paver repair, lighting troubleshooting, snow removal, and more. We take great pride in being that team for you in Kenmore and the surrounding areas.

If you have debris or damage from a storm, our landscapers near Kenmore can help with the clean-up. Call Easy Green Landscaping today at (425) 272-9401.

Have You Considered Path Lighting For Your Sammamish Property?

Have You Considered Path Lighting For Your Sammamish Property?

If you are looking to improve your home’s curb appeal, adding path lighting near Sammamish can be just the thing you need to help brighten your yard. Adding illumination to your home’s exterior can be a DIY project. But if you do not have the time to put into this type of design, you should consider contacting the professionals at Easy Green Landscaping to help. Our landscapers can help with lighting projects from start to finish, including maintaining or repairing an existing lighting system.

Why Choose Easy Green Landscaping For Exterior Lighting?

Each project that we undertake has to go through a rigorous review by our professionals. This will help make sure that our clients can receive the highest quality service at a price they can afford. Not only do we offer outdoor lighting solutions for residential properties, but we also specialize in landscape lighting services for commercial properties. Our main objective is always to make sure that our clients are satisfied with completing the project. Whether you need lighting for a pool, pathway, garden or, the entire front or back of your home, we have you covered.

Our group of landscaping experts is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible quality work that is guaranteed and at a price they can afford. We will work with your existing landscape to help beautify your project to the best of our ability.  We have been working in the professional landscaping business for many years and guarantee that our work will last through the harshest weather for years to come.

Our team of friendly, skilled professionals is ready to lighten up your life with our custom path lighting near Sammamish. Call us today at (425) 272-9401 to set up your free consultation.

Where Do Woodinville Property Owners Turn For A Dependable Landscaping Company?

Where Do Woodinville Property Owners Turn For A Dependable Landscaping Company?

How often have you wanted to do some work around your exterior, but you either do not have the time or the skillset to get it done? There is no reason why you have to stick with the same landscape design that you have had for years. All you have to do is contact the right landscaping company in Woodinville to give you a complete overhaul. When you are looking for a team you can trust, Easy Green Landscaping is here to exceed your expectations.

There are countless things that a landscaping company can do for you around your exterior. It is just a matter of putting together a checklist for all of the areas you would like addressed. From there, you can talk with our landscaping contractors about putting together a quote.


Something important that a landscaping company can help with is the new design for your exterior. You can put in new walkways using pavers, update the lawn with sod or seed to make it lush and green, or even have a patio installed so that you can make your outdoor space an extension of your home’s interior.


It is not uncommon for a homeowner to get frustrated when trying to plan a landscaping project independently. The pros will make sure that no stone is left unturned and that every aspect is taken into consideration to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.


Are there specific plants you are looking for? Would you like to have to take on as little maintenance as possible? Your landscaping company will work with you to find the perfect plants for the zone you live in and make sure that they match up with your comfort level when it comes to caring for them.

Easy Green Landscaping is your answer for a dependable landscaping company in Woodinville. Call for a consultation today at (425) 272-9401.

Talk With Us About Garden Lighting Installation In Shoreline

Talk With Us About Garden Lighting Installation In Shoreline

When you put a lot of your precious time, effort, and money into making the exterior of your home look incredible, you never want to fall short of adding fine details. You could have a beautiful garden space and an inviting feel to your home, but all of the features are then lost when the sun goes down. The best way to remedy this issue by making sure that you hire the right team to help you with garden lighting near Shoreline. When it is done correctly, such lighting can highlight all of the fantastic features of your home and garden; while also drawing attention to some of your focal points.

Homeowners have countless options to pick from when illuminating the exterior of their homes. This will include underlighting around the trees and shrubs or lights that can be aimed toward the facade. What this does is helps to create what is known as a post-sunset glow around the entire home.

If you happen to have a garden seating area or patio that you like to enjoy outside, you can also look into permanent outdoor string lighting to give that extra touch of light just where you need it. This is an outstanding way to add a touch of brightness whenever you are enjoying a meal outside or gathering with friends or family.

Regardless of the design of your garden landscaping or the project’s scope, Easy Green Landscaping can help you with garden illumination wherever you need it. Our team of trained landscape professionals will discuss your ideas and work to ensure the ultimate lighting design is put into place.

Let us talk with you about garden lighting near Shoreline. Contact Easy Green Landscaping today by calling (425) 272-9401.

Is It Time To Think About Landscape Lighting? Call For Your Redmond Consultation!

Is It Time To Think About Landscape Lighting? Call For Your Redmond Consultation!

Your property’s exterior presents a unique platform for crafting a space that acts as an interior extension. When you work with the right team for landscaping lighting near Redmond, the sky is the limit. Selecting the best lighting and design will help you to have extra hours within each day to enjoy the outdoors.

Are you hoping to enhance the overall look and feel of your property once the sun goes down? If so, strategically placed lighting can go a long way. You can transform your outdoor space using landscape lights, deck lighting, permanent tree lighting, garden lights, and so much more.

As the homeowner, you never have to be an expert lighting technician to get the results you hope to achieve. This is where our lighting team comes in at Easy Green Landscaping. We are available to go over your ideas and take a look at your exterior to help you come up with the ultimate lighting design. Whether you want to make your patio the perfect place to hang out after a busy day at work or you want to bring life to your walkways, we have the skills and expertise for getting the project done right.

Our customers are always surprised at the level of function and overall beauty they can achieve by installing the right lighting. We can come out to your home, do a walkthrough to get to know you better, and learn more about the look you hope to achieve. We can put together a detailed cost estimate and get started on your installation whenever you are ready.

Easy Green Landscaping is the company to call when you need are thinking about new landscaping lighting near Redmond. Call us today at (425) 272-9401!

Book Your Full Service Landscaping Design In Bothell Now

Book Your Full Service Landscaping Design In Bothell Now

Are you searching for quality landscape design in the Bothell area? We have a team at Easy Green Landscaping with extensive knowledge and experience helping clients design the yard of their dreams. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most beautiful landscape while making the process as smooth as possible. Our team has worked on many different projects such as retaining walls, flower paths, water features, gardens, and much more since 2011. We have many years in the landscaping industry, which means that you can trust us for full service landscaping design in Bothell.

The design team prides itself on ensuring project completion using unique strategies that produce amazing results. The Easy Green Landscaping crews are incredibly talented in all aspects of the process, from design planning to implementation. Our group of committed landscape architects utilizes top-of-the-line components to create natural landscaping while cautiously administering the correct procedures. Easy Green Landscaping has the best means possible to ensure that it guarantees a perfect outcome with a satisfaction that comes at an affordable price.

We are happy to tackle any project, regardless of how large or small the scope might be – we value all of our customers the same. We provide our clients with the excellence they deserve at a reasonable price they can afford. Meeting with our clients and discussing proper care and maintenance between services to keep their property in top shape is also part of our service. A few examples of our services include general maintenance, water features, excavation & skid steer, hardscaping, sod installation, and much more.

We at Easy Green Landscaping take pride in designing the ideal structure for you and your outdoor dream space. Contact one of our qualified specialists by calling (425) 272-9401 to schedule your free consultation for full service landscaping design in Bothell.

Let New Patio Lighting Enhance Your Kirkland Property

Let New Patio Lighting Enhance Your Kirkland Property

Enhancing the beauty of your property is easy when you add well-designed lighting for your patio. The right touches of light can enrich the environment, creating layers of bright or dim colored spaces throughout your landscape. If you have questions regarding patio lighting in Kirkland, we are here to help at Easy Green Landscaping.

Maybe you have had your patio installed for a while, and you are looking for a way that you can breathe new life into it. Patio lighting can revive the overall appearance, especially when professionally installed. When you call us at Easy Green Landscaping, we can go over all of your options, including string lights, posts, stair lighting, patio lamps, and so much more.

Patio Lighting for Safety

Think about any instance when you have been walking around the outside of your home and having difficulty seeing your way around. Properly placed patio lighting enhances safety in navigating your outdoor space at night, preventing spills, trips, and falls.

Patio Lighting for Entertainment

The next time you have an outdoor gathering such as a party or a dinner with family and friends, patio lighting is the perfect way to set the mood. Not only will guests have ample illumination to interact, but you have a way of creating an extension of the interior of your home.

Patio Lighting for Security

Ample lighting acts as an excellent deterrent for a would-be intruder. When you have plenty of light around your outdoor patio, it will keep unwanted visitors from making their way onto your property.

When it comes to patio lighting in Kirkland, we have you covered at Easy Green Landscaping. Call our team today at (425) 272-9401.

Bellevue Property Owners – Ask Us About Aeration, Weed & Overseed Lawn Service

Bellevue Property Owners - Ask Us About Aeration, Weed & Overseed Lawn ServiceThere is a lot that goes into making sure that your lawn looks great year after year. Whether you have spots with high-traffic patterns or you notice issues from the elements, you may benefit greatly from hiring a professional team to help with aeration, weed & overseed lawn service in Bellevue.

Why Aeration and Seeding?

When you aerate and seed your lawn, you are helping give it new life. Aeration is the perfect way to let the lawn “breathe” so that it can take in more nutrients – this results in greener, healthier grass. Rather than weeds, damage, and bald spots, you will have a picturesque lawn to show off to neighbors and all passersby.

Why Easy Green Landscaping?

We want all of our customers in the Bellevue area to have a hassle-free and beautiful lawn. If you are struggling to keep it growing in full and healthy, we can come out to take a look to determine the best course of action. For some properties, a little bit of aeration and overseeding is all that it takes to get your lawn going in the right direction.

Why Re-Think Watering Habits?

You may think that you have all the time in the world to water your lawn, but life tends to get in the way. In addition to aeration and seeding, we can also go over your options for a new irrigation system to ensure that your landscaping has the full package and all of the elements for success.

You can reach us today at Easy Green Landscaping at (425) 272-9401 if you are looking for good aeration, weed & overseed lawn service in Bellevue. We can set up a time to come out to your property, take a look, and provide you with a quote for services.

Why Work With A Professional Landscaping Lighting Design Company Near Seattle?

Why Work With A Professional Landscaping Lighting Design Company Near Seattle?

Nothing is better for showing off your yard or home than illuminating your property. In order to do so effectively, it is always better to call in the help of a professional landscaping lighting design company near Seattle to get it done for you.

Do you want to revamp a current lighting setup? Is it time for a brand-new installation? Here at Easy Green Landscaping, we have the lighting pros that you need to make sure everything is installed properly, and you get the most out of your investment. Even if you are not quite sure what you would like to achieve, we are happy to go over options with you to give you the ultimate design

Know the benefits of hiring a company like ours to handle your lighting design needs to illuminate your exterior, including:

  • Less work for you – We handle the design and installation of your lighting. All you have to do is enjoy it when we are finished. We are also available for future upgrades.
  • Incredible design – Even if you have some experience with landscape lighting, we have the manpower and industry insider knowledge to ensure your installation is a cut above the rest. All you have to do is give us ideas and your budget, and we will come up with something stunning.
  • Increased curb appeal and property value – Having new landscape lighting will enhance your property design, it highlights all of the right areas, it makes the walkways safer, boosts security, and raises your overall property value.

(425) 272-9401 is the number to call when you are ready to let Easy Green Landscaping handle your needs for a landscaping lighting design company near Seattle.