Block Walls For Retaining Wall Installation Near Bellevue

Are you considering adding a retaining wall to your property? Then you’re in the best place possible! Easy Green Landscaping is here to help with all your landscaping and hardscaping needs. We provide block walls for retaining wall installation near Bellevue to help you get an affordable solution to your wall needs.

There are many benefits to retaining walls in general and to block walls. These benefits are varied but should be considered to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Benefits of retaining walls include:

  • Assistance with marking property lines
  • Help to stop land erosion
  • Prevent drainage issues
  • Help to add security to property as well

Block walls can bring about their own benefits as well. The block wall construction may be less expensive than choosing a rock wall fit for your build. Blocks can be laid in various ways, from straight stacking to a lip or pin system. The blocks can also be made in various color options to help you mesh the design with your property.

Easy Green Landscaping has been in business for years providing all the design and service you need to keep your property looking perfect. When you consider adding in a block wall, our design expert can provide you with a free consultation. They will go over your plans and goals, discuss options with you, and then create a design of the perfect fit.

You are sure to love this addition to the property, which adds value and appeal. If you want to discuss the many available options for your block walls for retaining wall installation near Bellevue, be sure to reach out to the team today. Give the office a call at (425) 272-9401 to learn more.