Block Walls For Retaining Wall Installation Near Edmonds

Designing a property you enjoy can be overwhelming when you try to do it alone. Whether you’re looking to add landscape lighting or other elements, Easy Green Landscaping can help. For years, we’ve helped residents in the surrounding areas create the property they’ve always wanted at rates they can afford. With budget-friendly services, you can update your property in no time. One way to do just that is with the block walls for retaining wall installation near Edmonds that we provide.

Our team is here to discuss all the options with you, create a unique design for your home, and get you ready to enjoy the land you have every time you come home.

Block or Rock?

When you think of retaining walls, you may think of the rock look you’ve seen in various places. While that is a great option, block walls are more budget-friendly and highly popular. With a block material, you get freedom in designing the wall itself. The options include choosing your stacking technique, size, shape, and color.

Installing a block wall is best done by professionals. Many things could go sideways if not. Protect the investment you’re making in your property by working with the pros here.

Your design expert will go over your goals with you, discuss concerns you have, and provide you with estimates and design options to choose from. Once approved, work begins quickly, and your new addition will be done in no time!

Call us today at (425) 272-9401 to set up your consultation for block walls for retaining wall installation near Edmonds. We look forward to helping with all your hardscape and landscape needs.