Block Walls For Retaining Wall Installation Near Lake Stevens

Creating a look to your property that you love may seem like a never-ending task. You may not know where to even start except that you know you want something different. Easy Green Landscaping is here to take the stress and hassle off you! We work with homeowners to design their property’s landscape they love to come home to. We work with residents by utilizing block walls for retaining wall installation near Lake Stevens.

Whether you’ve decided you want a wall or not, we can help you discover the benefits for your property and make an informed decision. Check out the info below to see why so many choose this route when ready to update their current landscape.

Help With Erosion

These types of walls can help cut down on erosion in your Lake Stevens yard areas, for starters. When heavy rains hit, it can be devastating to the lawn. A block wall may be the perfect addition to your land.

Property Lines

In some cases, you need your property lines to be clearly marked. Adding in a block wall can do just that.


These options can add a beautiful touch of design to any property that needs updating. You can create a unique look for your property with the different choices available.


When considering a retaining wall, the cost of a rock wall is much higher than a block wall. Because concrete is in surplus, these are a much more affordable option to add in that look you’re after.

If you’re ready to discuss options for block walls for retaining wall installation near Lake Stevens, be sure to reach out today at (425) 272-9401.