Block Walls For Retaining Wall Installation Near Monroe

Adding property elements to your landscape to increase value and appeal is simple with Easy Green Landscaping. For years we’ve helped countless residents design property’s that they love to come home to. You want the curb appeal to be high and proud whenever people come to visit. With additions of landscape elements, you can do just that. One popular choice for homeowners is block walls for retaining wall installation near Monroe.

Our team is dedicated to helping you design the property you want at affordable rates. You can count on quality craftsmanship, responsive technicians, and design teams that listen to your ideas and make them come to life. Check out how we can help you below and see why this is a popular choice among homeowners in the area.

How We Help

Your design consultation will start with your expert discussing your goals and ideas with you. They will ask questions to help hone in on your preferences and then create a unique to you plan. You’ll receive a full-cost estimate upfront, and we can discuss any questions you may have.

Why Block Walls?

Rock walls are a great option, but they aren’t quite as popular as block walls. Many factors play into that popularity. You’ll pay less for a block than a rock wall for starters. This means that you can easily afford this addition without going over budget.

Another reason block walls are popular is the freedom of design. Choosing your color, shape, and stacking options make it your unique look.

We are here to help with all your landscaping and block walls for retaining wall installation near Monroe. Call us today at (425) 272-9401 to learn more.