Could Your Mill Creek Gutters Use Some Help?

Could Your Mill Creek Gutters Use Some Help?

Whenever you feel you need gutter repair for your Duvall property, we are here to help at Easy Green Landscaping. Whether or not you know the exact issue, you can trust our technicians to bring your gutter system back to smooth flow and function. All it takes is a phone call, and we can set up a time to send someone out to take a look.

Leaking, damaged, or clogged downspouts and gutters can be a nightmare for any property owner. Additionally, overflow can bring on unsightly, expensive damage to your home’s siding, roof, interior, or basement. You can save yourself a lot of risk and aggravation by having your downspouts and gutter system checked and repaired whenever you see a sign of problems developing.

Trusted Gutter Repair

You may think your gutter system is old, but old may be a relative term. Some indications your gutters are old and require repair or replacement include:

  • Outdated installations with ferrule and spike
  • Significant exterior color fading
  • Seams running along the gutter

Causes Of Gutter And Downspout Problems

Many of the issues that arise with gutters stem from a lack of regular cleaning. After debris accumulates, it can block the system, and other issues develop. Any gutter neglect may bring many problems, some of which may lead to costly repairs.

Sometimes, our technicians arrive at a gutter repair call to find that gutter or downspout replacement might be a better option. If you have leaking issues at the gutter seams, you may want to invest in seamless gutters. Should your system be older using spike and ferrule, it usually means they are at least 20 years old or beyond. There may also be a possible issue with fascia rot.

Call Easy Green Landscaping at (425) 272-9401 to schedule gutter or downspout repair in Duvall.

Are You Considering Block Wall Installation In Kenmore?

Are You Considering Block Wall Installation In Kenmore?

Many businesses, schools, and homes will have a retaining wall. However, unless you need one, you may ignore the many retaining walls installed in your local area. If you are a property owner in Kenmore interested in block wall installation for a retaining wall, we can help here at Easy Green Landscaping.

Why Install a Block Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is excellent when you need added support to keep your landscape from erosion and sliding downhill. Such a wall’s primary function is to help control gravity, so the construction must compensate for the slope’s horizontal forces. Additionally, block wall retaining walls can:

  • Control Water Flow – Along with reducing rainwater flow, an exemplary block retaining wall can boost lawn maintenance and gardening efficiency.
  • Provide Helpful Land – Many people use retaining walls to help build landscapes to get better use out of land located on hills and slopes.
  • Offer Usable Space and Seating – When you have our team design and install a block wall to help retain land around your property, you can add a great deal of usable surface space. This may be ideal for garden and landscape seats, surface areas for entertaining outdoors, and more.

Why Choose Easy Green Landscaping?

We have been assisting customers in the area with their landscaping installation and overhaul needs. Whether you want a new retaining wall, garden lighting, or sod installation, we are happy to come up with a customized quote to get you the results you deserve. Many kinds of blocks are available, and our team has used every type available for retaining wall installations. Let us help you find the perfect residential or commercial property design!

Our friendly team at Easy Green Landscaping is here to help you plan your upcoming block wall installation in Kenmore. Call us at (425) 272-9401.

Ask Us About Concrete Or Asphalt Drive Installation In Bothell

Ask Us About Concrete Or Asphalt Drive Installation In Bothell

Whether you have an older driveway that needs replacing or you have been dealing with a dirt or gravel drive, it might be time to make a change. Hiring Easy Green Landscaping for concrete or asphalt drive installation in Bothell will give you the results you are looking for. Not only do we love what we do, but our team is highly skilled and ready.

Why Install a New Drive?

Are you tired of uneven ground, cracks, stains, or ruts in your driveway? If so, it is understandable that you are now looking for alternatives. A shoddy driveway brings down the curb appeal and value of your property, and you are also dealing with driving and walking on it. You may also have children that deserve a nice driveway for playing, riding bikes, and more.

However, you do have the choice between asphalt or concrete. Both are put over a gravel substrate with a mixture of stone and sand, but there are different adhesives to bring the components together. Asphalt includes tar, and concrete has cement.

Concrete and asphalt both offer aesthetics and durability. Knowing more about each option will give you insight into what might be the right choice for your property and budget.


With concrete, you actually have more visual options. Many people fail to realize that you can use various stains or tints to enhance your driveway to make the concrete any color you wish. You also can stamp in patterns for a unique twist. On the downside, you may find that concrete driveways cost quite a bit more than asphalt.


This is an option for people that want a more streamlined and traditional look for their driveway. While it does not take long to be able to drive on it after installation, remember that asphalt can suffer when in high heat situations.

Call (425) 272-9401 to talk with our team at Easy Green Landscaping about concrete or asphalt drive installation in Bothell.

Are You Curious About Aeration And Overseeding Service In Woodinville?

Are You Curious About Aeration And Overseeding Service In Woodinville?

While it is nice to think that you can just mow your lawn when needed and it will stay looking great for years, there is usually a bit more work involved. One of the best things you can do to keep your lawn looking lush and healthy is to hire a professional overseed lawn service in Woodinville. This, along with aeration and weeding, are practices that work to bring new life to old roots while also reducing heavy soil compaction.


Having your lawn aerated helps to remove tiny cores of soil from the lawn. The small cores are left on the surface and will break down where microbes start to break down the thatch and feed on it. Lawns with excessive amounts of thatch will often become stifled as this is a layer of spongy and decaying material that keeps oxygen from getting to the roots of the grass.

Regular aeration cuts back on the compaction of the soil, allowing water to get down into the deeper portions of the root zone. This will give the roots the nutrients they need so that the grass will grow stronger, greener, and thicker. Overall, you will see significant improvements in the turf’s vitality and quality.


When you mix aeration and weeding with overseeding, you will have a range of grass varieties that facilitate a lawn that can resist insect attacks and diseases. The lawn can thicken along with the growth of new seeds, and weeds are also crowded out.

Do you have more questions about aeration, overseeding, and weeding, or how they can benefit your landscape? Contact us today at Easy Green Landscaping for a consultation, and we will assess your current lawn situation.

If your lawn needs a boost, Easy Green Landscaping is here to help with overseed lawn service in Woodinville. Call us today at (425) 272-9401!

Are You Considering Rockery Wall Installation In Marysville?

Are You Considering Rockery Wall Installation In Marysville?

There are many reasons to work on retaining or rockery wall installation around your Marysville property. When deciding which option is right for you, Easy Green Landscaping wants you to know there are several factors to consider.

Some questions to ask yourself before setting up wall design and installation include:

  • What type of budget do you have to work with?
  • What size project space do you have (vertical and horizontal), and what is the clearance around that space?
  • Do you already have drainage in that area?
  • Do you have specific aesthetic requirements?
  • What amount of time or money do you want to dedicate to maintenance?

With a retaining wall, you have a broad range of aesthetics that you can pick from and diversity with the level of scalability. However, a rockery wall will be larger and heavier, physically, compared to a retaining wall. They can also be more forgiving regarding tree roots and draining. This allows for space where you can install small plantings to get a bit of visual usability.

Let Easy Green Landscaping Help

When it comes to rockeries and retaining walls, you can design them according to aesthetic preference. We also suggest you keep the surrounding environment in mind for a finished product that suits your requirements and needs.

The great thing about hiring our team at Easy Green Landscaping is that we are experts in design and installation. We are your one-stop for installing retaining or rockery walls, but you can also count on us for repair work or replacement. Whether you have ideas in mind or are just starting, we would love to talk with you for a free initial consultation.

Call Easy Green Landscaping at (425) 272-9401 for details on rockery wall installation in Marysville.

Get Beautiful Results With Our Pavers And Flagstone Installation Service In Lake Stevens

Get Beautiful Results With Our Pavers And Flagstone Installation Service In Lake Stevens

Many great benefits come from having professional pavers or flagstone installations on your Lake Stevens property. Not only does it add functionality to your property, but it also enhances your home’s curb appeal. Now is a great time to think about your ideas for a new project.

Not only are pavers and flagstone an excellent choice for various reasons, but these materials also boast a rich history throughout time. Flagstone will give you beautifully-irregular shapes and a natural look, while pavers are excellent for creating uniformity and patterns. Both options are great for walkways, patios, driveways, pool areas, and much more.

Are you unsure if you want pavers or flagstones installed on your property? Each option is lovely in its own way, and our team is available to help you find the best choice to go with your ideas and your budget.

Regarding your landscape design, hardscaping and a mixture of plantings help create the ultimate finished look. If you are interested in updating your exterior or want to have a new installation, we are here to help at Easy Green Landscaping.

Hiring Easy Green Landscaping for your hardscaping project gets you a world of expertise and high-quality results. We would love to come by your property to discuss your ideas so that we can come up with the ultimate hardscape installation. Do you need hardscaping repairs? We are available to replace broken pavers or flagstones that may have fallen victim to storm damage.

Design, repair, or new pavers & flagstone installation in Lake Stevens is something we specialize in. Call us at Easy Green Landscaping at (425) 272-9401!

Let Our Skilled Technicians Handle Your Everett Landscaping Lighting Design

Let Our Skilled Technicians Handle Your Everett Landscaping Lighting DesignWhether you already have landscaping lighting around your Everett property that needs upgrading or you are thinking of a new installation, we are here to help at Easy Green Landscaping. Not only are we available for incredible landscaping design and installation, hardscaping, and other exterior needs, but you can trust us to ensure your lighting project goes off without a hitch.

Why Hire Easy Green Landscaping for Your Lighting Needs?

Countless benefits come from lighting installations for your exterior – and many more advantages come when you work with a team as passionate and skilled as ours. We have been a landscaping pioneer in the area for years, including everything from plantings and patio installations to water features, retaining walls, and more.

  • We listen to you!

    Your installation must go exactly as planned to get the return on investment (ROI) you deserve. We review your goals, look at your exterior, and work with you to develop the ultimate design and installation plan.

  • We are in tune with the latest in the lighting industry!

    Our Easy Green Landscaping lighting installation professionals keep up to date with everything in the lighting industry, including the latest optics, installation tricks, LED, and more.

  • We stand behind all of our products!

    We want you to know that we never use anything on our lighting installation jobs that our technicians would not trust to get installed around our homes. We take the time to learn about weather compatibility, lighting effects, environmental testing, and more.

Call (425) 272-9401 to talk with Easy Green Landscaping about landscaping lighting design or installation in Everett. We look forward to helping you illuminate your exterior for countless hours of enjoyment.

Full Service Landscaping Design For Snohomish Homes And Businesses

Full Service Landscaping Design For Snohomish Homes And Businesses

Whether you need a new retaining wall at your home or wish to overhaul your commercial landscape, you will always find that working with the professionals will make everything a whole lot easier. Hiring a company for full-service landscaping design in Snohomish will give you the results that you desire, but it will also free up your time to focus on other things in your life.

Choosing the best landscape contractor for your residential or commercial project means making some important decisions. The design and execution of your exterior living space will make a world of difference, so you should be sure that you find a trained and professional team. These are some of the steps that you should take:

  • Determine the elements you would like to have as part of your landscaping design. Take the time to think about how you would like to use your exterior and whether or not you will be adding in things like a water feature, patio, walkways, a garden, and more. You can sketch out some of your own ideas or put together pictures that you gather from magazines or the internet.
  • Gather a list of companies in the area. When researching the best company to provide you with full-service landscaping design, make sure to do your research. Not every company will give all of the services you are looking for, so you can narrow down your search to those that have everything you need and then go from there.
  • Get detailed estimates for all of the materials and labor. You must have a cost estimate to work with as you decide who to hire for a landscaping job. Additionally, it would be best if you were looking at things like licensing, experience, and gathering references that you can call to learn more about the company you are thinking about hiring.

When you know you need professional, high-quality, full-service landscaping design in Snohomish, Easy Green Landscaping is the team to call at (425) 272-9401. We are happy to address all of your landscaping needs!

Contact Us When You Need Retaining Wall Installation Services In Monroe

Contact Us When You Need Retaining Wall Installation Services In Monroe

If your property is located on hilly terrain, you may have special considerations regarding landscaping. Putting in a beautiful retaining wall will add to the aesthetics of your property and help counteract soil erosion. Hiring our team at Easy Green Landscaping will give you the best results with our retaining wall installation service in Monroe.

Why Retaining Walls?

A quality-crafted retaining wall serves many purposes. When you contact our team, we can go over the many benefits of a retaining wall installation, including:

  • Soil erosion reduction
  • Turning a steep slope into a terraced backdrop
  • Creating a stunning focal point in your landscape

Yes, these common reasons are great ways to correct issues when you have hilly areas around your landscape. A well-built, professionally installed retaining wall can transform your unworkable inclines into more stable and usable outdoor spaces for your enjoyment, gardening, etc.

Why Hire Professional Installation?

Unless you have plenty of experience working with retaining wall installation and all of the right equipment for the job, this is not a DIY project. Not only that, but such an endeavor will take an inexperienced homeowner quite a bit of time to complete.

While a retaining wall may seem simple in terms of appearance, they require a great deal of professional engineering and planning to ensure they keep its shape and integrity. Soil is heavy, especially if it is wet from recent rainstorms, so a good retaining wall must be about four feet in height and the right length to support tons of soil pressure. Easy Green Landscaping knows all about the best way to plan your retaining wall layout, make calculations, and execute the project for a flawless result.

Easy Green Landscaping has you covered from full-scale landscape design to retaining wall installation service in Monroe. Call us at (425) 272-9401 today!

Start Planning Your Irrigation System Installation In Redmond Today!

Start Planning Your Irrigation System Installation In Redmond Today!Having an irrigation system installed on your property provides you with many advantages. Now that the warmer weather is finally here, it is time to think about irrigation design. You can always call our team here at Easy Green Landscaping for any questions you have regarding irrigation system installation & repair services in Redmond. We can start planning out your irrigation design or help you troubleshoot issues with the system you already have in place.

Design and Installation

Anytime is a good time to ensure your lawn and landscaping get the right hydration. Many homeowners often find that irrigation is the perfect way to maintain a healthy and lush lawn. If this is something you are hoping to install in the coming months, our staff at Easy Green Landscaping is here to help. We can go over your options, discuss the equipment, and how everything works. Once it gets closer to the installation time, we can put together a detailed cost estimate for your approval.

Winterization for Fall

Thinking ahead to the next winter season, it is best to ensure that your existing irrigation system is ready for the worst that winter has in store. Winterization includes a bit more than just turning the water off, and our trained landscaping team is here to help. We are always available for advice regarding prepping your irrigation system for winter, or we are happy to send someone out to take care of it for you.

Irrigation systems add great value to your home, so talk with us about putting together a design for you today. You can always trust us to help repair or replace parts after the winter months for existing customers.

Be sure to ask us about irrigation troubleshooting and repair services!

Talk to us about your questions regarding irrigation system installation & repair services in Redmond this season. Call Easy Green Landscaping at (425) 272-9401.