Do You Need To Replace Your Path Lighting In Sammamish?

Do You Need To Replace Your Path Lighting In Sammamish?

Do You Need To Replace Your Path Lighting In Sammamish?

If you have older lighting around your property, you might be faced with the decision to repair or replace it. Easy Green Landscaping has technicians ready and able to assist with your needs for path lighting in Sammamish.

There could be several reasons why you may want to repair your path lighting or replace it. You could have new lighting fixtures, but the wiring is old, or you simply have to keep replacing certain pieces to get everything to work. Rather than trying to take on the task yourself, we can come in and get the project done for you.


You may have something simple that needs fixing, and you can bring your path lighting back to life. However, there are times when repairs will outweigh the cost of a newer installation or replacement. It is important that you know that putting a band-aid on a lighting system that is failing might not be the best idea. Our technicians will take a look and give you our best estimate on the option that will bring you the results you are looking for within your budget.


Should you decide to replace the path or garden lighting that you have around your property, we can provide you with a detailed, full estimate for the cost of parts and labor. We have access to the most excellent fixtures and components to ensure you have incredible results. We are always fair and upfront with our pricing, and all of our lighting work is guaranteed.

New Installations

Have you wished that you had improved illumination around certain areas of your home? We can go over lighting options from path lighting to tree lighting and everything in between.

For replacement or installation of path lighting in Sammamish, call Easy Green Landscaping at (425) 272-9401 for a consultation.