Easy Green Landscaping Contractor Services In Bothell

Outdoor plants and flowers are a great way to make your space better whether you are talking about a home or business. We can help bring your landscape dreams to life with Easy Green Landscaping contractor services in Bothell. Adding a new landscape design to your outdoor area can ensure that it adds value to your home as well as your neighborhood.

You may want a new garden to spruce up your outdoor space and plants can bring any yard to life. It is imperative that your newly created garden is carefully planned out and planted properly. Our staff can teach you what type of plants may work in your area and can genuinely make your lawn effervescent. We will install your plants around your exterior, ensuring that everything will look fantastic and we will also guide you through the maintenance process of your new lawn.

You may also want a retaining wall to bring texture and character to your lawn or  we can evaluate the base for your retaining wall and proper drainage. This will help the long-term landscaping of your lawn and garden. We will go over with you what will be required and what will be completed so that you have all of the information you need. Our team of professionals is ready to handle all your questions and concerns about your landscaping ideas.

Giving your lawn a makeover does not have to be a hassle. Plus, you deserve a space that you truly love and want to enjoy at the end of the day. With our specialists, Easy Green Landscaping contractor services in Bothell can make your new lawn a reality sooner than you think. Contact us at (425) 272-9401 for your free consultation.