Easy Green Landscaping Contractor Services In Mercer Island

Watering your grass is far more than just pointing a hose over your lawn. A good lawn care routine will keep your grass flourishing. Easy Green Landscaping contractor services in Mercer Island provides specialized irrigation that will help you to truly understand why your lawn care routine is important.

Your lawn care routine should include sufficiently watering your lawn. There can be areas that may pose a challenge to water, yet those areas are equally essential to maximize your lawn’s potential. For instance, sloped lawn areas can be a task to manage. Of course, each slope may vary, but run-off may occur before the soil becoming nourished. Some sloping regions may require a specialized sprinkler or drip irrigation.

Depending on the method of irrigation that is utilized, it can apply water slowly over a small area to reduce run-off and allow better water penetration into the soil. Your lawn may require one or more method depending on how your land is shaped and the size of your lot. Having pavers, walkways, or areas that may obstruct the flow of water can also impact the method used your lawn care routine.

It can be challenging to provide adequate water to corners and edges of the lawn and areas next to buildings, which may be exposed to heat that is reflected. These areas are more vulnerable to drying out and are easily missed by many sprinklers. Our professionals will make sure that there is a proper irrigation plan in place, so there are no places missed.

We have helped other clients with their lawn care routines, and we can help you too! Easy Green Landscaping contractor services in Mercer Island can be contacted at (425) 272-9401 for your free consultation.