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There can be a lot to learn before the installation of retaining wall. Thankfully, we at Easy Green Landscaping contractor services in Redmond can help you make an informed decision on what a retaining wall is and what you need to consider before installation.

Retaining walls are useful in supporting soil laterally, which aids in the soil being retained from two sides. Retaining walls are often used to bound soil that is on different elevations, and they can help support soil from not receiving proper water.

What are some things that should be considered prior to a retaining wall being installed? That is a great question!

  • First, there should be a solid base. This requires digging out several inches to make everything leveled. The base is a crucial component to a strong retaining wall.
  • Next, select the right material for your project. You may want manufactured blocks or stones, and the material may also depend on the type of retaining wall being installed and the purpose of the job being done.
  • Third, there should be a plan in place for drainage. There must also be consideration and planning for a proper drainage system that does not become an eyesore.
  • Fourth, the retaining wall must be leveled. This starts with the base and will be built on as the project continues and maintains structural integrity for the wall being built.
  • Lastly, the beautification process is equally as important as the start of the project. Adding quality finishing touches makes the project special for your retaining wall.

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