Expert Advice And Planning For Your Landscape Lighting Near Kirkland

Expert Advice And Planning For Your Landscape Lighting Near Kirkland

Expert Advice And Planning For Your Landscape Lighting Near Kirkland

For something as intricate as the lighting around your landscaping, it is often best to contact a professional. Easy Green Landscaping would love to talk with you about your plans for a new landscaping lighting installation near Kirkland. We are available to make sure that you have the best possible outcome to illuminate your exterior just where you want it.

Why Hire Pros?

When you hire outdoor lighting professionals, they are there for your project, big or small. You can look to the help of the experts for design and bringing your ideas to life. The years of experience that they have with lighting and how it flows with your landscaping is priceless.

These are just some of the reasons why we feel as though Easy Green Landscaping is the best team for your next outdoor lighting installation project:

Professional Assessment

Having a professional assess your exterior and discuss your needs will help to ensure you get the ultimate installation. Our staff knows how to illuminate all of the right spots so that you have instant curb appeal, safety for your walkways, and security to deter intruders from coming onto your property.


Because we are involved in the field of landscaping and landscape lighting, we have access to all of the best resources that a homeowner would not. We can find specialty fixtures, components, and bulbs that might be difficult to find on your own. You can also talk with us about unique accessories that will give your exterior a decorative advantage.

Design and Wow Factor

Do you want to take your exterior lighting to a new level? We are always up for a challenge, so talk with us about bringing the wow factor to your landscape lighting design. We know how to set up the lighting just how you picture it so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Easy Green Landscaping is available whenever you need landscaping lighting installation near Kirkland. Call (425) 272-9401 for an appointment.