Exterior Home Lighting Near Kenmore

Have you wondered how you can keep your home safe and accent certain areas at the same time? Are you looking to create a certain atmosphere from the moment you arrive? Then look no further! Here at Easy Green Landscaping, we’ve got it covered. With exterior home lighting near Kenmore, we’ve got you taken care of.

Our team is here to help with all the needs you have from rock walls and hardscapes to lighting in the yard from front to back.

Add Lights For Benefits

Lighting on your property is for more than just the aesthetic view. There are multiple advantages to including lighting on your property. For starters, you can easily navigate any terrain that may exist on the property by shedding some light on the situation. You can help deter crime in well-lit areas. You can also help to increase the curb appeal from the moment people arrive.

Our Process

We take time to come out to the home and perform a free consultation. This allows us to take a look at the property, determine the best design and layout of lighting, and discuss your goals and concerns with you. We create a design that fits into your specific and unique budget. This helps you to get what you want without breaking the bank to do so.

Once you’ve approved the lighting options you want, we can get started with installation right away. There’s no extended wait time or hidden fees you have to worry about.

Our team is here to help you with all your exterior home lighting near Kenmore. Be sure to reach out to the office today at (425) 272-9401 to set up your consultation.