Full Service Landscaping Design in Bothell

Are you thinking of enhancing your garden and creating beautiful scenery? Easy Green Landscaping is at your service! We provide full service landscaping design in Bothell. Fifteen years in the industry means we have worked on numerous projects. We are confident that we can construct a stunning landscape design you will love. We understand more than anyone what our client’s need. Easy Green Landscaping was built because we believe that anyone that is seeking for professional assistance should not have a hard time looking and filling a space in the landscaping industry that so many landscapers seem to overlook — a personal, hands-on approach to landscaping.

We have a group of professionals that have excellent craftsmanship and extensive information on landscape designing. Our people are devoted to creating the highest quality design for your property. Easy Green Landscaping team is highly skilled in every way, from conceptualization, outlining to completion. Every client residential or commercial project is treated the same effort and provided the same level of experience and quality. The outdoor landscape is an essential part of any property. Whether it is a front yard or backyard space, it still should be a space you love. It can be one of your assets as well, and if you decide to sell, it can be a significant selling point for your property.

Easy Green Landscaping aims to create sustainable, environmentally friendly landscaping. It is our pleasure to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for your commercial or residential space. We’ll be happy to communicate with you every detail such as architecture, colors, plant varieties, and all other features for your project. Easy Green Landscaping will create your dream outdoor landscape. Contact us at 425-272-9401 to talk to our specialist and get a free estimate. Take advantage of our full service landscaping design in Bothell.