Irrigation System Installation & Repair Services

Irrigation System Installation & Repair Services

Looking for a quality & reliable irrigation system for your home or business?  At Easy Green Landscaping, we specialize in designing, installing and repairing irrigation systems in the Snohomish & King county areas.  Our experts have worked on irrigation systems of all sizes, from a few small zones to dozens of multi-zone irrigation systems on one scheduling sequence.  Once you get a hold of us at Easy Green Landscaping for irrigation system installation or repair, we will be happy to come right out to your location to get started on assessing your needs. A properly functioning irrigation system is crucial for your landscaping whether you have a residence or a commercial space. Providing your lawn and plant life with the right amount of water is elemental for growth and landscape health.

It goes without saying that an irrigation system includes sophisticated technology that requires a certain level of skill and certification to install according to manufacturer guidelines. We have trained professionals for installations as well as all the repair services that you may need for your irrigation system. We work with older systems to perform updates and repairs or we are happy to discuss your options for the installation of a newer, more modern and innovation water-wise setup.

What To Expect With Easy Green Landscaping Irrigation Installation & Repair Service

When you contact us for professional irrigation services, we will:

  • Answer all of your questions regarding your lawn and garden needs
  • Offer a fully detailed job estimate that includes product recommendations as well as specific costs
  • Professionally install your water-efficient system while taking into consideration all of the latest technology and water-saving products on the market today
  • Provide you with the repairs that you are looking for to get your irrigation system up and running again
  • Work to make sure that we always comply with all of the local regulations and codes

In the case of a new system that is installed, we will be happy to talk with you about suggested maintenance and upkeep. Professional maintenance is important to help eliminate the potential of wasting water so that you can keep the water usage to a minimum. For our irrigation maintenance services, we can help with:

  • Checks of every zone of the system on your property
  • Replace or repair any elements that are identified as faulty
  • Replace sprinkler heads as needed
  • Repair piping to help avoid or correct any leaks
  • Service the clock to make sure that the appropriate days and watering lengths are set
  • Inspect all of the water coverage areas to ensure optimum soaking

Do you have questions about irrigation or would you like us to come out to repair your system? Contact us today at Easy Green Landscaping and we can discuss the various irrigation system installation and repair services that we offer.