Irrigation Winterization Service Near Bothell

Around fall, when the leaves are turning, and the temperatures are beginning to dip, it is time to consider turning off your sprinkler system. During the colder months, it is time to prepare your irrigation system. It can be dangerous to complete the winterization of your sprinkler systems alone. But don’t fret! Easy Green Landscaping provides an irrigation winterization service near Bothell for your convenience.

Freezing water in the backflow of your pipes can cause damage to the internal components. This can cause items to crack and make a mess later on in the spring. Instead of leaving it up to chance, let Easy Green Landscaping help you with your irrigation winterization. Without the work done, it can become costly if your pipes freeze and then crack. Instead of dealing with the nightmare that can occur, we can provide the service annually to winterize your sprinkler system. Our team knows about landscaping and what it takes to help you as you care for your landscape correctly. Even if your sprinkler system is not installed by us, we can still winterize your sprinkler system.

Enjoy your sprinkler system in the next season because of the right work completed in winter. If you do not plan for the winter months, then your sprinkler system may be in danger from the freezing temperatures. Call Easy Green Landscaping for our irrigation winterization service near Bothell to prepare your sprinkler system today. Our professionals can help you get ready for winter, so your lawn is in top shape for the spring and summer. We can get your landscape prepared for whatever the season may bring. Contact us today at 425-272-9401 to schedule your appointment.