Irrigation Winterization Service Near Mercer Island

Yearly before the first freeze, there should be a process for blowing water out of your irrigation system. Since the first freeze can happen at any time during winter, an irrigation winterization service near Mercer Island makes sure that your sprinkler system will be ready for the next season. Easy Green Landscaping handles irrigation systems and making sure your system works at tip-top shape. Don’t wait until the first freeze is upon us. Have your irrigation system winterized before the temperatures dipping below freezing.

There must be extreme care when it comes to blowing out your irrigation system with compressed air. There are various ways to winterize your irrigation system. To remain careful in doing so, it is vital to have a licensed professional perform the winterization of your sprinkler system. It is not enough to just shut down your sprinkler system. It requires draining the water from the pipes entirely to prevent it from freezing. Compressed air can be used to remove the water from your system. However, this method is one that can be dangerous if done alone. That is why we recommend contacting us before the first freeze of the winter season. We can help you understand how to maintain and prepare for winter in the Pacific Northwest by winterizing your irrigation system.

Trust Easy Green Landscaping with the care of your irrigation winterization service near Mercer Island. You don’t have to complete the winterization by yourself. Instead, you can call our professionals and have regular maintenance done by our trained team of professionals. We can discuss the needs of your landscaping and how we can aid you. Call Easy Green Landscaping first this year and speak to our staff by dialing 425-272-9401.