Irrigation Winterization Service Near Redmond

Have you been maintaining your system once a year for the winter months? Being in a winter region means upkeeping your landscape throughout the changing seasons. If you have a sprinkler set up that is already installed, then it might be time to have it checked by a pro for irrigation winterization service near Redmond. There are a variety of ways to remove the water from your pipes. However, since there are potential safety risks, it is important to contact a specialist for this work. That is why Easy Green Landscaping is available to winterize your irrigation system.

We provide a full assortment of landscaping and hardscaping services. With years of experience, there is not much we have not handled throughout that time. One of our services includes irrigation winterization. You can trust us, as a local company, to provide quality service at an affordable rate. Instead of waiting until the last minute and the cost increases due to your sprinkler pipes cracking or bursting, call us early at the turn of the season. Your sprinkler system should be winterized prior to the first freeze of the year. The biggest misconception is that there is time to wait. Don’t wait until the first freeze is upon us. Get your irrigation system winterized prior to the temperatures dropping significantly.

Don’t go at it alone or wait until freezing temperatures hit. Remember, updating your sprinkler system will ensure it working once the weather is warm again. Have your irrigation winterization service near Redmond completed by Easy Green Landscaping. We are ready to help you get your system properly maintained. You can call our office to schedule your appointment. Contact Easy Green Landscaping by calling us at (425) 272-9401 today.