Is Your Redmond Irrigation System Ready For Winter?

Is Your Redmond Irrigation System Ready For Winter?

Is Your Redmond Irrigation System Ready For Winter?

Caring for your irrigation system is the only way to ensure it performs and lasts as long as possible. Water expands as it freezes, which can spell trouble for your irrigation system. Winterizing your sprinklers becomes crucial before temperatures drop in the area. You can trust Easy Green Landscaping to help with irrigation winterization service in Redmond!

Do I Need To Winterize?

An irrigation winterization service can prevent damage to your irrigation system and the potential for water damage around your property. For any homeowner or business manager with a sprinkler system installed, winterization is essential for maintenance on an annual basis.

Not only is winterization good for maintenance, but it also helps to improve system longevity. When water gets left in your system during winter, it freezes and expands when temperatures drop. This can lead to leaking, cracks, and other significant damage to your materials and parts throughout your irrigation system.

With winterization of your sprinkler system, you can protect elements like:

  • Control valves
  • Piping
  • Sprinkler heads and various connections
  • Mainline manifold, which is the pressurized pipe that goes from the home to the valve system

It is important to note that all the irrigation zones found on your property should be winterized, including any drip nozzles you may have for your bushes or garden areas.

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Property sprinkler system winterization is best for anyone that has an underground system. In many situations, there could be significant, costly damage that occurs to the system of winterization is not performed. You should also know that if your system is under warranty, winterization may be required to cover all elements so that coverage does not become null and void.

Easy Green Landscaping is here to assist with irrigation winterization service in Redmond and the surrounding areas. Call us at (425) 272-9401.