Landscape Lighting Near Redmond

Are you wondering what outdoor landscape lighting will work best for your home or business? If you need to discuss the benefits of landscape lighting near Redmond, then Easy Green Landscaping has you covered. If you have been considering new lighting for your home to illuminate your exterior at night, then consider calling Easy Green Landscaping. Our team of professionals can complete the lighting for your business as well as for a residential property. Our goal is to provide world-class service for your landscaping and hardscaping needs.

When it comes to lighting, there are a lot of details that go into each job. For instance, we discuss the usage of LED lighting and the options for finishes. Many LED lighting provides a stronger output of brightness. This makes it great for outdoor applications. Depending on the application use, there are options when it comes to lighting, which includes path lights, in-ground lighting, bollards, floodlights, and spotlights. Each has its benefits and reasons to be utilized.

The next step is to select the lighting type you want, such as silhouetting, up-lighting, wall washing, and so on. You are also in control of the lighting fixtures. You can select from a vast array of colors and finishes. Each allows for its blend to your yard. Some of the finishes include a brass, titanium, or aluminum finish. There is also the minimalistic approach with black to blend in more seamlessly.

If you are looking for landscape lighting near Redmond, then give Easy Green Landscaping a call. You can depend on us to design and install your outdoor lighting project. Set up a time for your consultation by calling 425-272-9401.