Outdoor Lighting Installation Near Arlington

When you are looking for an outdoor lighting installation near Arlington, then hire the right company for the job. Go with Easy Green Landscaping. We have the right pros that can design and install your new LED lighting scheme for your exterior. We are a company that can do the work right. That is why you can trust our services for your landscaping lights.

Whether you are a business or a residential area, we offer full service for landscaping. Easy Green Landscaping provides new installations, repairs, and maintenance for lighting. We offer the best in the Arlington area for outdoor lighting and our other landscape services. We have the experience and knowledge behind the work we complete. With many years in the landscaping industry, we are confident about completing your installation of new landscape lighting.

We go over the design phase in detail. We want to bring your vision to life and reconfirm all the plans prior to the installation process. We discuss everything, from the location of each lighting fixture to deciding on installing a programming timer for the lights. Each line of detail matters to your project. Once all of the logistics are discussed and solidified, we make sure that to plan with public utilities are taken into account. We confirm with the property owners, either homeowners or business owners about any private utilities too (such as irrigation lines, drainage tubing, etc).

So why keep waiting for your new installation of lighting? Contact Easy Green Landscaping to work with our professionals. We are ready to get your outdoor lighting installation near Arlington project started. Are you ready to begin? Call our office to schedule your free estimate at 425-272-9401.