Path Lighting Near Bellevue

Installing path lighting near Bellevue is easier than you might think. With the expert assistance of Easy Green Landscaping, you can take your property to the next level! Our team has been in business for years working with property owners to highlight their landscaping, install hardscaping, and take care of the property once it’s designed as they wish. It’s our honor to provide you with excellent services, expert design skills, and a free consultation to get you going!

Benefits Of Lighting

There a many different reasons you want to consider adding path lighting to your property. You’ll immediately increase the value and appeal of the area. It offers a way to highlight the landscaping or hardscaping you’ve done with the path that has been built. Your lights will add an element of atmosphere and décor. It’s also a great way to increase security as it lights the way in and out of the area.

When you call our office, a design expert is sent out to provide a free consultation. We take a look at the property, the path and create a unique design all your own. You’ll discuss your goals with the design pro and go over the full-cost estimate before anything is done. This allows you to see the design in person before it’s installed.

Once approved, the installation experts get to work! After the lighting is installed, we provide a plan for upkeep and services to help you make sure the lighting is always working properly.

Give us a call today at (425) 272-9401 to discuss your options for path lighting near Bellevue. We look forward to helping you design the look and feel you’re after!