Path Lighting Near Everett

The landscaping of your home is a crucial part of the appeal and value. That’s why it’s important to have it done just as you want it to be. Whether you’re looking for new path lighting near Everett or you want a new hardscape design, Easy Green Landscaping is here to help.

We have been in business for years, helping homeowners just like you to redesign their property to increase appeal, value, and safety. From design to completion of the project, we walk with you every step of the way to ensure your dreams become a reality.

Start With A Consult

Do you know you want to add some life to your landscaping, but you’re not sure how? Start with our consultation. One of the design team experts here will come to the home, discuss your goals, and create a unique design that fits your specific needs. Our team is here to help you make dreams become a reality or to simply guide you in the best route to take when it comes to improving the look and feel of the outside of your home.


The benefits of adding lights to the paths around your home include an added level of safety and deterrent to criminal activity. You’ll also love the look and feel you can create by highlighting certain aspects of the landscape. Another major benefit is that you immediately increase the curb appeal and value should you want to sell the property in the future.

When it comes to path lighting near Everett, turn to the experts here. Call us today at (425) 272-9401 for more information. Our design experts look forward to working with you on all your landscaping needs.