Path Lighting Near Lake Stevens

There are many ways to improve your property that you may not have thought of just yet. One popular way to improve the look and feel is with path lighting near Lake Stevens. Working with the team of design and installation experts at Easy Green Landscaping is just the beginning. Our team has been in business for years, assisting homeowners and commercial property owners alike in creating the property of their dreams.

Allow us to assist you with all your hardscaping, landscaping, and lighting needs today. We are here to help you get from dreams to paper to reality in no time!

Free Consultation

When you call the office, we will start with a free design consultation. We will look at what you already have in place, discuss your goals and plans, and create a design to help you spruce up the area. Lighting is a great way to add depth and dimension to the property without doing a lot of extra work.

Create The Design

Once we have a design in place, we’ll go over the details with you and discuss the full cost estimate as well. We answer all questions, discuss concerns, and ensure that the design is the one you prefer.


Installation of the lighting will go smoothly and without a hitch. You’ll never know that we were there except for the beautiful new addition to your property. We leave no trace behind and work to provide you with the atmosphere and look you’re after.

Call us today at (425) 272-9401 to learn more about the path lighting near Lake Stevens we offer.