Path Lighting Near Mercer Island

Do you want to update the look and feel of your commercial or residential property? Are you unsure of where to even start with the project? Then you’ve come to the right place! Easy Green Landscaping offers all services you’re looking for, including path lighting near Mercer Island. Whether you need a totally new landscape design or want to highlight what you have, we can help.

With our talented design experts on the job, you can have a new, eye-catching property design in no time!

Why Lighting Is A Good Investment

You may be wondering if this is even necessary to add to your property. In a word, yes! Path lighting can help to bring your property’s curb appeal up while increasing the total overall value of the home as well.

Path lighting adds numerous advantages that make it entirely worth any investment you put in. From increasing safety and deterring crime to adding in an eco-friendly way of designing your landscape, you’re going to love the atmosphere this brings.

Design Experts At Your Service

When you call the office, we send a design pro to the site as soon as possible. They offer a free consultation to discuss your plans and goals and create a unique design to fit your specific needs. They go over the estimate and plan with you while answering all questions you may have. Upon approval, installation begins, and you’re on the way to a new, vibrant look.

Ensure you reach out to our team today by calling (425) 272-9401 to set up a free consultation for your path lighting near Mercer Island. We look forward to helping you create the design of your dreams.