Patio Lighting Near Bothell

If you need new or upgraded outdoor lighting that will brighten up your home’s exterior, then contact an experienced company for your lighting needs. Create an inviting atmosphere to your backyard by adding to your patio lighting near Bothell. Easy Green Landscaping has years of experience when it comes to outdoor lighting. We can make your landscape look incredible with proper illumination of your patio.

The number one priority for our team is you and providing the best service possible. We aim for the highest satisfaction when it comes to the work we do.  When it comes to the lighting of your patio and landscaping, it involves more than just throwing up lights haphazardly. We strategically design and install lights to create an effect on your landscape. As well, the best materials are used for your lighting design. Again, our main priority is providing you with quality work that can fit within your budget.

Our team listens to your needs and draws inspiration from your personality and style. Through the lighting at the end of it, the most significant parts of your landscaping will shine through. We will also discuss your options of any customizations, different finishes and styles, and mapping out all other details. Nothing will be overlooked by our team, and we guarantee you will love the result. Are you ready to begin your new landscape lighting project, starting with the patio lighting of your home?

Whether it is a screened-in patio, a backyard deck, or another outdoor lighting option, contact our pros by calling us at 425-272-9401. Have your patio lighting near Bothell installed by Easy Green Landscaping.