Permanent Festive String Lighting Near Monroe

When you’re considering an update to the outdoor of your home, you want to work with a company that can make that happen seamlessly. That’s where the team at Easy Green Landscaping can assist you. We take time to review all the options with you and help you freshen up the look of your property. One of our popular service offerings is the installation of permanent festive string lighting near Monroe.

We are here to provide you with affordable pricing, expertise in installation and service, and quality results you’ll enjoy for years to come. Discover the benefits of adding outdoor lighting below, or call us to discuss more options:


String lighting brings many advantages you may not be aware of. Like other types of outdoor lighting, this can add another layer of security to your home. That is because homes with lighting outside are less likely to be hit for vandalism or theft.

It also helps light up pathways so those arriving after dark can safely navigate the terrain.

Another benefit that string lighting brings, in particular, is the versatility of installation. These lighting additions can be made to fit into any type of space or design, no matter how big or small.

The Process

Calling in a technician from our team will have someone onsite in a prompt manner. We take time to discuss the goals you have and the ideas you’ve come up with. You can rest assured that if you’re not sure what you want, we can help you create a design you’ll enjoy for years. Once the design is set and the estimate is approved, we get to work!

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