Permanent Festive String Lighting Near Seattle

Decorating and designing your backyard is easier than you may think. When you work with a talented team like the one here at Easy Green Landscaping, you can create the oasis you’ve always wanted. We offer various services, including our permanent festive string lightning near Seattle.

Whether you want to illuminate the deck you have or spotlight the gazebo you want to build, we can help you out. Take a look at why this is an excellent addition to your property and how we can help.


Our design team will help you create the backyard plan you’ve always wanted. If you have ideas or don’t know where to start, we can help. With our free consultation, we’ll discuss your goals, and issues you may have and help you to see the atmosphere you’ve wanted coming to life.


String lighting can create a unique ambiance as you’ve never had in the backyard area. It can also be used in the front yard or side areas. You can create the unique look and feel you want, no matter what your current setup is.

Our creative team will install seamless rows of lights that you have picked to create the look and feel you want. You can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere while sitting with friends or family. Whether it’s a hot summer evening or cool fall night, you can relax in the beautifully lit area you’ve created.

When it comes to permanent festive string lightning near Seattle, make sure to work with the experts for all your landscaping needs. Call us today at (425) 272-9401 for more information or to set up your design consultation.