Plan Your Rockery Retaining Wall Installation In Kenmore With Us

Plan Your Rockery Retaining Wall Installation In Kenmore With Us

There is no reason why you cannot have both aesthetics and function when adding a new retaining wall to your property. Regardless of the project you have in mind, Easy Green Landscaping is there to provide quality rockery retaining wall installation in Kenmore and the surrounding areas.

What are Rockery Retaining Walls?

This stunning construction option will give a wonderful amount of natural aesthetic appeal to your property. These landscaping projects often reside around your home to help support garden features, soil, and other elements. The wall includes natural rocks that get placed using an interlocking pattern, resulting in a resilient, durable structure for your garden or home.

At Easy Green Landscaping, our technicians have immense experience with such installations. We also use the highest quality rockery wall construction materials and bring all the right equipment to each project we are hired for. The result is a stunning wall that will last for years on your property.

What Is Your Design Style?

The great thing about working around your exterior is that you can bring a bit of your personal style and home interior feel to your landscaping. We understand best practices for utilizing all of the usable space around your home, including natural elements that you can have as an extension of your indoor living space. Whether you want to put together a patio above a retaining wall or you are hoping to install a multi-layer garden setting, we would love to make your exterior dreams a reality.

Rockery retaining wall installation in Kenmore calls for skill and precision. Call (425) 272-9401 to talk with our specialists at Easy Green Landscaping.