Retaining Wall Installation Services in Edmonds

Researching choices for retaining wall installation services in Edmonds? A retaining wall is an excellent solution for holding soil while letting water pass through in properties that have uneven terrain or a slope that is causing soil loss.

Easy Green Landscaping can design a customized retaining wall for your property. Your new landscape addition can begin during a consultation with us. We do your initial consultation on your property so we can scope and measure for your custom design according to the size and shape of your landscape.

You even have control over the materials your retaining wall is constructed from. Manufactured blocks are a reliable choice, while natural stone is both functional and attractive with options such as granite or sandstone.

A retaining wall is designed to stop soil erosion and also let water drain out, so it is not contributing to a wet area with poor drainage. The type of drainage you choose with your wall design can make a difference in the overall look of your retaining wall, as some drain systems are obvious in the design of the walls, others are hidden.

While we can construct and set up any size retaining wall on your property, walls that have a height higher than 3.9 feet also require additional steps. If the retaining wall design is taller than 3.9 feet, then you need a permit and an engineer to sign off on your plan before it can be considered up to code after installation.

Getting retaining wall installation services in Edmonds is simple. Call Easy Green Landscaping today at (425) 272-9401 and get your consultation for a custom-designed retaining wall and elevate the look of your residential or commercial property while adding functionality.