Rockery Wall Retaining Wall Contractor Near Arlington

Adding a rockery or retaining wall to your property line brings about a plethora of benefits. When considering this addition, it is best to work with the top rockery wall retaining wall contractor near Arlington. That is where Easy Green Landscaping comes in. We provide a wide range of service options, including helping you to find the right wall addition for your property.

Learn the benefits and differences of these two types of walls below and see how we can help you create the property look you want:


There are subtle differences between the two types of walls that you want to keep in mind. The rockery will be less expensive than the retaining wall option due to the various rocks used, for starters. The rockery is less finicky when it comes to drainage or settling ground around the wall itself. Roots can also affect the retaining wall if trees are nearby.


Both walls offer ample benefits to the home and landscape as a whole. You’ll gain protection from soil erosion or flooding damage when there is heavy rain. This is an eco-friendly option for clearly marking property lines or adding a layer of protection to the property. You’ll also gain more appeal and value by adding the walls of your choice.

Your design tech is here to help get your dreams onto paper and then into your yard. With our free consultation, you can get the process started today and be on your way to a new aesthetic.

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