Rockery Wall Retaining Wall Contractor Near Granite Falls

Are you looking to update your property with a rock or retaining wall? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Easy Green Landscaping, you’ll find the top rockery wall retaining wall contractor near Granite Falls. We take time to discuss your goals, concerns, and plans for your entire property to help you see it come to life. We want to help you find a design plan that fits your property needs and your budget.

Learn more about the addition you’re considering below and see how we can help it make it a reality:

Why Add A Rockery or Retaining Wall?

There are many reasons homeowners choose this new element for their property. You can use it to mark property lines if there’s a question or a desire to do so. Also, homeowners love the added protection against flood damage and soil erosion.

Others enjoy the beautiful aesthetic this eco-friendly landscaping element adds to their home. The benefits are endless when you choose to update your current landscaping.

What You Need To Know

When adding a rockery or retaining wall, there are a few differences to consider. One difference is the cost. Retaining walls tend to be more costly as they use different types of rocks. The sizes also vary from a small to a large retaining wall to a medium/large rockery. Another difference is that these walls differ in their drainage needs.

We can go over all the variations, perks, and facts you need in your initial free consultation.

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