Rockery Wall Retaining Wall Contractor Near Kenmore

Adding a retaining wall to your property is a great way to prevent soil erosion while adding a beautiful aesthetic. Retaining or rockery walls are perfect for homes that want to accent areas such as their landscaping while preventing any shifting of the dirt and design. When it comes to adding this piece, you want to have a solid rockery wall retaining wall contractor near Kenmore. That’s where Easy Green Landscaping comes in.

For years we’ve worked with countless homeowners to help them get the look and feel they desire every time they pull up to their home. All of this is done while having a purpose for the addition as well. Check out the differences in the walls and see how we can help you get started today:

Rockery Versus Retaining

Both options are a beautiful addition to any property. They can create a centerpiece in the yard or add pizazz to the landscaping you already have. Both walls are built with varying stones. They will differ in size where a rockery wall is typically medium to large, and a retaining wall can be smaller or bigger.

Retaining walls are on the more costly side of things as they use a variety of stones. The retaining wall is also prone to more issues if there’s ground settling, tree roots grown in, and it must have a better drainage system.

These additions to your home are a great way to add beauty, value, and protection at the same time. Give the leading rockery wall retaining wall contractor near Kenmore a call today at (425) 272-9401. We look forward to helping you get your new wall in place.