Rockery Wall Retaining Wall Contractor Near Kirkland

Installing a rockery or retaining wall is important in landscaping to help prevent soil erosion and add a touch of rugged elegance. These walls are a great addition to any property to help with property value and appeal. When it comes to working with a rockery wall retaining wall contractor near Kirkland, you want to work with the very best. That is the team at Easy Green Landscaping.

We’ve worked developing unique and breathtaking walls to help homeowners with erosion and add to their value for years. It’s important to know what to expect and what your wall choices are. Take a look below and see how we can help you with the design, installation, and service after the fact:

Rockery or Retaining Wall?

This is the big question. What type of wall fits your needs? We are happy to go over all the details to determine just that. For starters, consider the budget you have to work with. The rockery is typically less expensive than a retaining wall.

Consider how much drainage you have in the area you want the wall. Where rockery walls are more forgiving, retaining walls must have solid drainage, sometimes built-in.

Also, take into account the area that you want the wall installed. This is because a retaining wall needs to be in a solid area with little to no shifting. The rockery walls can shift, but a retaining wall is more demanding.

Allow our design experts to come and go over the details with you in your free, no-obligation consultation. We are here to answer all your questions, design your dreams, and make them come to life.

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