Rockery Wall Retaining Wall Contractor Near Lynnwood

Do you want to add something new to your property to spruce it up? Are you having trouble with soil erosion or property line markings? Then it may be time to talk with Easy Green Landscaping. As a leading rockery wall retaining wall contractor near Lynnwood, we offer various landscaping and hardscaping services to do just that.

We work diligently to help you get the property look you want at prices that you can afford. We take time to work with you from the beginning to the end to help you see your dream design become your reality. Check out how we can help below, the differences between walls, and how to choose what fits best:

What Fits Best?

It would help if you considered the purpose of the wall addition, the budget you want to spend, and what you want the wall to look like. These decisions help us to serve your needs and wishes better when it comes to the new installation.


There are subtle differences between the two types of walls that you want to consider before choosing. The retaining wall is more costly due to the various rocks used to install it, where the rockery will be more budget-friendly. When it comes to drainage and the ground settling, the rockery will be more forgiving where the retaining wall is more stringent on design.

Our team is certified and trained to design, install, and help service your wall, no matter the one you choose. Working with the experts here helps you get the wall you want at an affordable price.

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