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There are multiple benefits and reasons that homeowners like you decide to install a rockery or retaining wall. Finding the right rockery wall retaining wall contractor near Mercer Island can be a daunting thought. However, here at Easy Green Landscaping, we make that simple!

For years we’ve worked with residents just like you to design, install, and keep up their landscaping or hardscaping for their properties. From improving the value and appeal to helping prevent flooding damage, these are a great addition to any property line.

Allow us to show you the differences between the two walls and how we can help you choose the right fit for your investment:


There are subtle differences between a rockery and a retaining wall. They both use a variety of rocks to create the structure. However, a retaining wall can be more costly than the rockery, depending on the type of rocks used. The retaining wall will also need a solid drainage system and can be affected by settling the ground, where a rockery is more forgiving.

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