Rockery Wall Retaining Wall Contractor Near Redmond

When it comes to hardscaping around your home, you want to work with a leading contractor. You want a team on your side that understands the look you’re going for can handle all building permits required, and create your dream in your yard. That’s where Easy Green Landscaping comes in. We are the leading rockery wall retaining wall contractor near Redmond. We take time to go over all the details from start to finish to ensure you have the perfect addition to your property.

What Is The Difference?

There are several differences between a rockery wall and a retaining wall. While they both utilize rocks and designs to help with erosion, there are some differences you want to be aware of.

For example, a retaining wall is typically on the higher side of cost due to the various stones used. The retaining wall will need a more solid foundation as it is easy to shift from tree roots or ground movement over time.

Another difference is that the sizes vary between the two. The rockery will be a medium to large display where the retaining wall can be smaller or larger. It’s important to discuss what you want with your design expert.

Our team provides a full, free consultation to help you determine the best fit for your needs. We are here to help you get protection from erosion to find out what will protect your ground and enhance the look and appeal of the property.

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