Rockery Wall Retaining Wall Contractor Near Sammamish

Protecting your property can also look great when you do it the right way. That is when you add in a rockery or retaining wall. These pieces add an aesthetic and layer of protection that you may not have realized you needed. Finding the right rockery wall retaining wall contractor near Sammamish is easy to do when you work with Easy Green Landscaping. We take time to go over the options with you, provide a full evaluation, and design the piece to fit your property and needs.

Discover why so many choose us to handle all of their landscaping and hardscaping needs below and how you can choose which wall is best for your needs:

What Is The Difference?

The main difference between the two types of walls is that retaining walls can be more costly than rockery setups. While they both use a variety of stones, they differ in size and requirements. Retaining walls, for example, need a solid drainage system and can be affected by shifts in the soil or tree roots growing into the wall.


Both of these items help to add a new, fresh aesthetic to the entire property. You can help to stop erosion or flood damage with this addition. You’ll also love the fact that these walls can help distinguish property lines clearly.

If you’re curious about rockery or retaining walls, look no further than Easy Green Landscaping. With our free consultation, you can be on the way to improving the look and feel of your yard in no time.

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