Tree Lighting Near Kirkland

Designing a property to be safe and beautiful is totally doable when you have someone on your side that can help. That’s where the experts at Easy Green Landscaping come in. For years we’ve provided various services such as tree lighting near Kirkland for our residential and commercial clients.

Any property must have proper lighting for the added value and benefits. Knowing what these help you to choose a company to get started right away.

The benefits you’ll gain by adding in landscape lighting include:

  • Safety – Added safety and security are just the beginning with the addition of lighting. This helps to light the pathways to clearly see where the trees are and what obstacles are in your way. It is also great for when you have new visitors after dark.
  • Security – This wards off would-be theft and vandalism. People’s homes that are well lit are 20% less likely to have vandalism, graffiti, or theft on their property.
  • Property Appeal – If you decide to sell your property later on, well-kept landscaping and lighting are a huge draw. It helps to increase the value and curb appeal.

Our Team Is Here!

Your design expert will discuss your goals with you and help you choose tree lighting that works for your property. The design team will create a plan for you to approve and go over all the costs and benefits. You can choose the landscaping plan that fits your budget and your vision.

If you want to discuss tree lighting near Kirkland, call the experts at Easy Green Landscaping today. Reach out to us at (425) 272-9401 to set up your free consultation.