Block Walls For Retaining Wall Installation Near Everett

A retaining wall is a perfect addition to any property for various reasons. These additions can be very beneficial, from adding value and curb appeal to a new layer of protection. Homeowners want to work with someone who has the experience and design capabilities and can understand their goals and desires. That is where Easy Green Landscaping shines. We’ve got you completely covered with our block walls for retaining wall installation near Everett.

Why Concrete Blocks?

While you may have had a rock wall in your mind, concrete block walls may be the way to go. These are much less expensive as concrete is a quite available material all over. These blocks also offer you more freedom in the design you choose. Shapes, colors, and stacking techniques can all be chosen personally to fit the décor you’re after.

Why Easy Green Landscaping?

We’ve been in business for years, helping homeowners just like you create an oasis in their own yard. From retaining walls to helping with other landscaping or hardscaping needs, we’ve got everything taken care of in one place.

Your design expert will discuss all your goals with you, what look you want, and go over an upfront estimate to help decide what route to take for your property. You’re going to love the new element you add!

Whether you want to discuss a new block wall or other landscaping ideas, call us today at (425) 272-9401. You can discuss our block walls for retaining wall installation near Everett and other options available to help you design a property you’re excited to come home to. We look forward to working with you on all your property needs.