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Flagstone is typically known as a great material to work with due to it being flat and thin and derived from splitting layers of sedimentary stone. Since this is a natural stone, the characteristics may vary depending on the region it is from. These large flat stones can be used in several landscaping projects. For example, one might use flagstone for paths, walkways, seating areas, walls, or patios. Easy Green Landscaping contractor services in Shoreline can go over your options of installing flagstone for your commercial or residential location.

You may decide to use flagstone for your landscaping project based on the outcome you desire. One might choose flagstone because each stone has a unique shape and color. This can provide an immense amount of diversity and character to your space. There are also multiple options when using flagstone for a project. You can lay it as a solid surface and integrate it into concrete or use the stone as individual pieces allowing mulch or plants to grow in between. Flagstone can be laid as one color or a range of color schemes to complement the natural hues of the earth throughout your landscape.

Flagstone is a very durable material, which is an added benefit to its visual appeal. In the long-term, you will save money compared to using more expensive materials available that may not be as durable. Fortunately, this material also requires very little upkeep. If a stone becomes damaged, it can be simple to fix.

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