Full Service Landscaping Design in Kirkland

Creating a personal space of peace and serenity can be a dream comes true for homeowners.  Easy Green Landscaping can provide such a space for our clients that are as close to perfect as possible.  That is how we became the leading company to provide full service landscaping design in Kirkland.

We have learned through our experience that there is no perfect design that will satisfy everyone. However, we work with our clients to allow their personality to shine through with the completion of a project. After all, the exterior of your home should be a place for you to retreat and enjoy your time away from the rest of the world.  A minimalist stone garden may invoke calm to some, but for others, it may mean nothing other than a pile of rocks. That is why our landscapers can adapt to whatever our clients desire. Years of experience will never measure up to the ability to stay in tune with a client. That is why our main effort at Easy Green Landscaping is a willingness to build a strong working relationship with our clients’ aids us in understanding their needs and wants to custom-built their project.

Our team has the technical knowledge, resources, and experience to create the landscape design to fit everyone that desires to have their personal relaxing space. We have been the gold standard when it comes to running a professional, capable, and dependable company.

We offer more than just landscaping design! We also provide excavation and skid steer, hardscaping services, irrigation system installation and repair, and so much more. Each service is provided with our track record of quality. That is why we are the best option to provide full service landscaping design in Kirkland. Call us at 425-272-9401 and get an appointment to talk about your needs.