Path Lighting Near Redmond

Creating an atmosphere and design outside the home can be a fun but overwhelming prospect. If you’re ready to update the outside of your home, but you’re not sure where to start, start here at Easy Green Landscaping. For years we’ve worked with countless homeowners and commercial property owners alike to create a design and aesthetic they love. We can do the same for your home! One way you can update the look is with path lighting near Redmond.

Whether you need path lighting, landscaping, or hardscaping, we’re here to help!

What Is Path Lighting?

This is simply adding in lights along the paths or landscaped areas of the home. It helps to add a touch of elegance and aesthetic that may not be there before. It also helps to be eco-friendly while designing a property you’re going to love.

What Is The Process?

When you call in one of our design experts, we begin with a free consultation. This allows us to know what you want, what your goals are, and how you want the property to look. Once this is in place, our design tech will draw up plans that fit those goals you have. You’ll receive a look at this design, as well as an estimate of the full cost of installation. If you approve, we get to work right away creating the new aesthetic for your home.

The benefits from this type of installation are numerous. Don’t skip out on these beautiful additions, from increasing property value and curb appeal to adding in a layer of security.

Give us a call today at (425) 272-9401 to set up your free consultation to discuss your path lighting near Redmond.