Retaining Wall Installation Services in Bellevue

Do you need retaining wall installation services in Bellevue to improve your home or business’s outdoor space? The professionals at Easy Green Landscaping are ready to assist you. Whether you are looking for an inconspicuous design to enhance the beauty of your area or a functional retaining wall to address uneven terrain, we can work with you to design and construct the features you need to keep your lawn healthy and green.

During the consultation process, our team can come directly to your home to discuss your needs and evaluate your installation location. From there, we can guide you through the design process and review budget-friendly features and materials that fit your decor. We can build your retaining wall out of manufactures blocks or natural materials like granite, sandstone, and flagstone, and create a wall to meet your specifications. Should you have any questions about various features, such as lateral drains or weep hole designs, we are more than happy to give you the answers you need.

Our team can also handle the logistics end of construction, so you don’t have to. For instance, if your retaining wall is going to be taller than 3.9 feet, your installation needs a building permit and an engineer’s signature to continue. We can get the permissions you need so you can rest easy knowing that your new wall is being built per local codes and regulations.

Are you ready to optimize your outdoor space with professional retaining wall installation services in Bellevue? Give Easy Green Landscaping a call, and we are more than happy to help. For more information on our services or to schedule your on-site, detailed cost estimate, call (425) 272-9401 today.