Rockery Wall Retaining Wall Contractor Near Monroe

If you’re looking into rockery or retaining wall additions, you’ve come to the right place. Easy Green Landscaping is the top rockery wall retaining wall contractor near Monroe. We handle all of your hardscaping and landscaping needs to help you get the property look and feel you want.

From lighting your paths to adding in rock walls, we’ve got you covered! Our design team is here to walk with you from start to finish in all the design elements you choose.

Wall Benefits You’ll Gain

There are numerous benefits to adding this beautiful rock addition to your property. They include items such as:

  • Protection from flooding or soil erosion
  • Eco-friendly landscaping option
  • Pest resistant, unlike other types of landscaping
  • Adds clear property line markers
  • Design options are endless
  • Adds value to the property

Design Process

The process starts with a free consult with one of our design technicians. They’ll discuss your goals, concerns and get your ideas down on paper. This allows them to create the perfect wall for your needs and budget.

Subtle differences in the wall can make an impact on the one that is best for your property. For example, tree roots can affect a retaining wall where the rockery is more forgiving of settling ground. The design pro will go over all of these with you as you discuss the best element to add to your property lines.

If you’re ready to talk to a rockery wall retaining wall contractor near Monroe, be sure to reach out to us today. Call the office at (425) 272-9401. We are ready to help you design, create, and service your property landscaping from start to finish.